Jayome’s Story

PLAN A aims to help young adults tackle negative/ traumatic experiences through creative therapy, build empathy in 1–1 victim awareness/Restorative Justice sessions, and develop positive motivations and life skills through mentoring support.

Jamoye started engaging on the PLAN A programme in one-to-one Creative Therapy sessions and Restorative Justice sessions for 9 months, up until his release into the community. This support continued in the community for a short period before he then disengaged with us, but during this time we continued to support his mum, working with his Community Offender Manager and other professionals in his life. Jamoye was recalled back to prison and our crucial support was able to continue despite him being located at a different establishment.

We were able to maintain contact with Jamoye through email-a-prisoner and through legal visits, seeing him every 4–6 weeks. The support is currently ongoing despite all of these setbacks, as we acknowledge that lasting change takes time. Being able to continue the support during these transition periods for Jamoye which have often been chaotic and challenging, enables a consistency that is critical. It has communicated to Jamoye that we have not given up on him and that we are still here to help him make positive changes to his life. Jamoye fed back to me on a recent visit to see him that he was grateful for my continued support and that I had not abandoned him or given up on him.