23rd March 2023

Lady Casey’s review of the MET police found harmful levels of institutionalised racism, misogyny and homophobia within the MET. Casey’s findings and recommendations should be accepted in full, so that London’s police system protects victims of crime and treats suspects and perpetrators of crime fairly.

We reject the MET commissioners comments that the terms ‘institutionalized misogyny and racism’ are ambiguous or political. Institutional racism is a factual, practical term, that is clearly defined, and has been for decades – since before the 1999 Macpherson report. The commissioner’s refusal to accept this part of Lady Casey’s findings is deeply concerning. The findings of institutionalised misogyny and racism in the met must urgently be acknowledged by its top police officer. Without this recognition, how can these issues be addressed?

Belong works to achieve hope, rehabilitation and recovery for all victims and perpetrators of crime. It is clear from the findings of Casey’s report that fundamental change is needed for this to be a reality.

We support the calls for sweeping, urgent reform across the MET police. We agree that trust, confidence and consent needs to be rebuilt with the public. Londoners voices are missing from how London is policed, and the involvement of the London community in future reform should be prioritised.